Mooseyard Recordings

I began making mixtapes as soon as I left home in 1982 and had someone — my sister — to send them to. (These early tapes have since been sighted in the wild but not yet captured in digital form.) In 1993 I started making mixes that were more like products, with fancier labels, and dubbing multiple copies to give to my friends at Xmas. In 1996 I got access to a real live CD burner at work and made my next mixtape a CD. By 1997 I had my own CD burner, hooray, and gladly tossed out hiss and mangled tape in favor of compression and coasters.

The next technological frontier was continuous mixes with crossfades between tracks. For my 1994 cassette I'd borrowed a DJ mixer from a friend, and with my CD player and a Discman made a live mix recorded directly to cassette. Unfortunately I've lost track of all copies of that tape. But by 1998 I had a rather crappy multitrack recording program and by painstakingly typing numbers in the Fade dialog box put together my first continuous mix CD. Since then I've found better tools like WaveBurner, Soundtrack and Live.

I love segues and smooth transitions: they express the Surrealists' ideal of creating art through juxtaposition. They give me a chance to make my own small contributions, adding something to the songs I love by fitting them together into collages. I find it hard to discover music that I like, and I want to share that music with friends. I want to do more with the music than passively consume it. I hope you enjoy what I've found and what I've done with it, and that you'll support the artists you discover you like by buying your own copies of their recordings.

—Jens, August 2005


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Dust On Her Hands From The Sky
The Law Of Averages
¡Forward In All Directions!