Which One’s Pink?

Mixed August 2015 by sneJ

A Pink Floyd inspired mix — music that reminds me of their classic mid-period circa 1970-77. (I'm aware there are bands that sound much more like Floyd than these, but they're not favorites of mine, and I'm choosing the music here, OK?)

If you like this mix, also be sure to listen to Last Laughs For The Madcap, a mix in honor of the passing of Syd Barrett that focuses more on the early Floyd sound.

Which One’s Pink?.mp3 [97 MB] Cover art

Track listing:

00:00 The Orb — “Close Encounters (edit)”
00:05 Locust — “Prospero (edit)”
01:02 Sigur Rós — “Svefn-g-englar”
09:24 Bark Psychosis — “I Know”
13:33 Tones On Tail — “Real Life”
18:36 Daturah — “Shoal”
27:32 Hammock — “Through A Glass Darkly”
31:59 Cyann & Ben — “Recurring”
36:37 Witxes — “Somewhere”
42:01 Bauhaus — “All We Ever Wanted Was Everything”
45:47 Tarentel — “Untitled 1”
56:39 Yume Bitsu — “Truth”
67:52 Sonic Youth — “Cotton Crown”