Cirrus Minor

Mixed August 2017 by sneJ

You venture into the wild land at daybreak with a light heart, but there's something uncanny in the empty vistas, something ancient in the forest. The familiar sounds seem strange, even the birdsong and the buzzing of insects, and though you sing to yourself, you become increasingly spooked as night falls and the darkness overwhelms your small campfire. After a night of eerie dreams, you're relieved to see the familiar dawn light flood your camp.

Cirrus Minor.mp3 [106 MB] Cover art

Track listing:

00:00 Biosphere — “Bird Watching” [excerpt]
02:00 Pink Floyd — “Cirrus Minor”
05:29 The Séance with Lutine — “Trees Grew All Around Her”
10:24 Danielle Dax — “Numb Companions”
13:50 Marielle V Jakobsons — “The Beginning Is The End”
19:08 Loscil — “Estuarine”
25:35 Brian Eno — “A Clearing”
29:07 Cornelius — “Bird Watching At Inner Forest”
32:28 Minologue — “Old Water”
36:13 Loksa — “Green Adapter 2”
39:43 Biosphere — “Hyperborea” [excerpt]
41:28 R Beny — “Moss”
45:56 Grouper — “Soul Eraser”
52:00 Zoviet*France — “Shamany Enfluence” [excerpt]
56:59 Aphex Twin — “Tree”
65:44 Tanning Salon — “Dunnad Hill”
70:56 Cisfinitum — “District Delta”