Last Laughs For The Madcap

I don’t idolize Rock Stars, or get caught up in nostalgia trips for music made before I was old enough to read, but there was something uniquely cool and tragic about Syd Barrett, and his recent death touched me. I wrote elsewhere that it was a weird combination of pathos and bathos — the inevitable conclusion of a sad story that most of us had forgotten was still going on.

But then again, who are we to say it’s sad? For all I know, Syd Roger led a perfectly nice, ordinary life in the 35 years since he cocooned himself away from the public eye. Meanwhile, other artists were clothing themselves in the butterfly skin he shed, viz.:


Track List

  1. 00:00 Pink Floyd“Arnold Layne”
  2. 02:52 Robyn Hitchcock“Brenda's Iron Sledge”
  3. 05:45 Pink Floyd“Lucifer Sam”
  4. 08:48 The Dukes Of Stratosphear“Your Gold Dress”
  5. 13:27 Broadcast“Pendulum”
  6. 17:35 Deerhoof“Spirit Ditties Of No Tone”
  7. 20:18 Pink Floyd“Interstellar Overdrive”
  8. 29:37 Sigur Rós“Syndir Guos”
  9. 36:59 Pink Floyd“Astronomy Dominé” (live)
  10. 45:10 Macha“Visiting The Ruins”
  11. 53:06 Pink Floyd“Bike” (edit)
  12. 55:00 Tones On Tail“Slender Fungus”
  13. 58:30 Syd Barrett“Rats”
  14. 61:21 Robyn Hitchcock“Satellite”
  15. 63:03 Syd Barrett“No Man's Land”
  16. 65:53 The Fall“Bug Day”
  17. 70:45 Sonic Youth“Schizophrenia”
  18. 74:40 Danielle Dax“Cutting The Last Sheaf”
  19. 77:42 Pink Floyd“Bike” (reprise)