Silver Lining

Mixed live, 24 December 2007 by sneJ

Silver Lining has all the beats that were missing from last year’s mix, mostly in the form of microhouse / tech-house / minimal / pick your favorite electronic nano-genre. But fear not — even if your name’s not Dieter and you don’t go clubbing at Tanz-Zentrum in Berlin, you may find something to like here. (Over 30% vocal content guaranteed.)

Disclaimer: Any similarity to a true professional-level DJ mix is purely coincidental. Real DJs don't screw up so many of their crossfades, or rely on cheapo software to do their beat-matching for them. Please enjoy your 82-minute amateur hour!

Silver Lining.mp3 [103 MB] Cover art

Track listing:

00:00 Kate Havnevik — “New Day”
07:31 Minilogue — “The Girl From Botany Bay”
16:10 Henrik Schwarz / Âme / Dixon — “Where We At?” (version 1)
22:54 Âme — “Rej”
29:28 Ellen Allien / Apparat — “Turbo Dreams”
33:10 Catwash — “Plastic Rubberband”
36:42 Matthew Dear — “Dog Days”
41:59 Kinky — “Great Spot”
44:47 Robag Wruhme — “Ikkes Schlonze”
49:35 Ellen Allien — “Abstract Pictures”
54:07 Green Velvet — “Genedefekt”
57:19 Krill.Minima — “Marienkäfer”
61:29 Sean Palm — “Pluce”
66:34 Minilogue — “The Leopard”
71:36 F.U.S.E. — “Dimension Intrusion”
73:26 Cortney Tidwell — “Don’t Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up” (Ewan Pearson’s Objects In Space Mix)