The World Looks Red

Mixed 13-14 January 2012 by sneJ

Again with the post-punk! Again with the trilogies! If you enjoyed listening to "Cut The Lights" and "Blackout/Whiteout" on your Walkman while smoking clove cigarettes waiting in line for the midnight showing of "Urgh! A Music War" at the New Varsity or the Nuart, you'll probably like this one too.

[Update: Aw crap, I just noticed I already used "I Bleed" in "Blackout/Whiteout". Well, enjoy it again. Can you tell it's my favorite Pixies song?]

The World Looks Red.mp3 [85 MB] Cover art

Track listing:

00:00 Pixies — “I Bleed”
02:26 Joy Division — “Leaders Of Men”
04:54 Chelsea Wolfe — “Demons”
07:57 Psychedelic Furs — “Soap Commercial”
10:46 Medium Medium — “Hungry So Angry”
14:35 Gang Of Four — “We Live As We Dream, Alone”
18:09 Shriekback — “Sway”
21:44 K-X-P — “Mehu Moments”
28:21 Th Faith Healers — “Mother Sky”
32:12 Sonic Youth — “The World Looks Red”
34:47 Savage Republic — “Next To Nothing”
38:06 Red Monkey — “Paper Crown”
40:22 Pink Noise — “Dive”
43:20 The Happy Hollows — “High Wire”
47:27 YACHT — “Summer Song”
50:22 LCD Soundsystem — “Yeah” (Crass Version)
59:29 Bunnydrums — “Smithson”
64:09 Batwings Catwings — “Peacock Collection”
67:35 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry — “Feel A Piece”
70:09 Big Black — “Kerosene”
76:02 Mission Of Burma — “Fun World”