Dead Birds Fly Again (for J)

Mixed 8-17 April 2009 by sneJ

“Once he was showing me a book of twentieth-century art he liked, and there was a picture of an automated sculpture called Dead Birds Fly Again, a thing that whirled real dead birds around and around on a string, and he smiled and nodded, and I could see he felt the artist was a spiritual ancestor of some kind.” —William Gibson, “The Winter Market”

(The cover art is by Joseph Cornell, another artist, albeit a real one, who figures in Gibson's fiction.)

If your heart breaks, whirl it around till the dizziness convinces it it’s alive...

Dead Birds Fly Again (for J).mp3 [75 MB] Cover art

Track listing:

00:00 Gabriela Friðriksdóttir — “Tetralógia”
03:44 Zoe Keating — “Legions (War)”
09:40 Victoire — “A Door Into the Dark”
14:28 Alan Morse Davies [after Claude Debussy] — “Claire de Lune [Hotel Commodore Ensemble, 1927; remixed]”
20:13 Aram Khachaturian — “Gayane Ballet Suite, Adagio”
25:06 Arvo Pärt — “Cantus In Memory Of Benjamin Britten”
29:18 Kalter — “Svalbard”
30:35 Murcof — “Ulysses”
33:32 Kyle Gabler — “Jelly [from the "World Of Goo" soundtrack]”
36:06 Philip Glass — “Pruit Igoe”
41:48 Victoire — “A Song For Arthur Russell”
47:13 Terry Riley — “Half-Wolf Dances Mad In Moonlight”
55:17 Marsen Jules — “Brouillard”
60:15 Eluder — “Moon Plea”
64:44 Gas — “Oktember”
68:54 Âme — “Rej [A Hundred Birds Mix]”