The Fall Of The Towers

Mixed 20 January and 8 April 2008 by sneJ

A venture into the Major Arcana. The name comes from an early Delany novel, but you're free to think of other towers and their falls. The music will assist you by raising crescendoes and crashing them down, and painting the aftermath of collapse.

…In other words, it gets plenty noisy & violent. You were warned. About half of this mix's running time has two tracks overlaid on each other; my favorite part is the superimposition of Slow Six's doleful strings on Savage Republic's fuzzed-out primitivism, a happy accident that amazed me when it worked.

The Fall Of The Towers.mp3 [67 MB] Cover art

Track listing:

00:00 Ben Frost — “Stomp”
05:16 S.E.T.I. — “Concealment”
05:48 György Ligeti — “Ramifications” , version for 12 solo strings
08:15 Slow Six — “The Pulse Of This Skyline With Lightning Like Nerves”
08:57 Savage Republic — “When All Else Fails”
11:53 Sonic Youth — “Making The Nature Scene”
14:31 Mission Of Burma — “Weatherbox”
17:51 Pain Teens — “Lady Of Flame”
20:39 Hula — “Jump The Gun”
24:24 Hunters & Collectors — “Droptank”
29:10 Tussle — “Eye Contact” (version)
31:40 Amp — “Lightdripglow”
34:36 Rahdunes — “Rivers In Egypt. Set Sail”
38:27 Somei Satoh — “Litania”
42:23 Murcof — “Cometa”
47:22 Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, Panaiotis — “Suiren”
50:00 Glenn Branca — “Symphony #3 (Gloria)” , first movement