Mixed March 2007 by sneJ

This is a continuation of the shameless personal exercise in nostalgia I began in my "80–82" compilation. “1983” picks up where that one left off: September 1982, when I arrived at college. It covers only one year, up until September 1983, because there was so much great music we listened to, that it became clear that each year would need its own CD.

These are the songs that had the greatest impact on me at the time, not necessarily the ones that I consider the "best" or "most significant". They are arranged in, roughly, the order in which I first heard them, not the order they were released.

This mix is dedicated to the friends who shared this time and this music with me: Diana Foss, Matt Rowe, Peter Konopka, Josh™ Susser, Greg Gallagher, Saxy Workman, ...

1983.mp3 [70 MB] Cover art