1,000 Dreams

Mixed October 2004 by sneJ

This mix accreted itself around the song “To Whom Can I Tell My Pains”, which I discovered while randomly surfing through the iTunes Music Store, and which reduced me to tears on the first listen. As a setting for it I pulled together other songs with the right levels of sadness, distance, exoticness or thrilling dissonance.

This also gave me a chance to attempt something I'd wanted to do for a while: add "serious" 20th-century classical music to a mix. This ended up as the most varied mix I've ever done: it also has folk music from several cultures, rock, electronics, and unclassifiable experimentation. I hope it works for you.

1,000 Dreams.mp3 [62 MB] Cover art

Track listing:

00:00 Sylvester Weaver — “Guitar Rag” US
00:26 Cindytalk — “In This World” UK
03:05 Huun-Huur-Tu — “Eshten Charlyyry (It's Hard To Be Parted From A Friend)” Tuva
09:25 Marika Kanaropoulou — “To Whom Can I Tell My Pains” Greece
12:03 The Velvet Underground — “Venus In Furs” US
17:08 Blind Willie Johnson — “Dark Was The Night” US
20:25 Underworld — “Shudder” UK
21:05 :Zoviet*France: — “Alchemagenta” UK
23:02 Biosphere — “Houses On The Hill” Norway
24:15 Rachel's — “4 Or 5 Trees” US
25:13 The Rustavi Choir — “Tsmindao Chmerto” Georgia
27:40 Rachel's — “4 Or 5 Trees” US
28:27 Henryk Gorecki [Poland] / Kronos Quartet [US] — “Already It Is Dusk (mov. 1)”
29:28 Rachel's — “The Voyage Of Camille” US
33:17 Henryk Gorecki [Poland] / Kronos Quartet [US] — “Already It Is Dusk (mov. 2)”
34:11 Samuel Barber [US] / Kronos Quartet [US] — “Adagio For Strings”
39:14 Somei Satoh — “Ruika” Japan
41:14 Lustmord — “Strange Attractor” UK
45:04 Stars Of The Lid — “Lactate's Moment” US
52:45 Muszikas — “Kati-Kata” Hungary
56:09 Dog Faced Hermans — “Wings” Netherlands
60:10 Dead Can Dance — “Frontier (1987 version)” Australia
63:04 Do Make Say Think — “It's Gonna Rain” Canada
65:12 Sylvester Weaver — “Guitar Rag” US