Dust On Her Hands From The Sky

Mixed on the cheap, September 2004 by sneJ

I threw together this mix in one evening as an introduction to "shoegazer" (aka "dreampop") music, inspired by some guy who posted that he'd just discovered My Bloody Valentine and wanted to know what else sounded like it. I uploaded the mix the next day. He never responded with thanks, or even posted anything in that forum again, so I have no idea whether he liked it. So what! I like it plenty. These bits of swirly melodic noise are oldies by now, but they're so good…

Dust On Her Hands From The Sky.mp3 [71 MB]

Track listing:

00:00 Cocteau Twins — “The Spangle Maker”
04:40 Sonic Youth — “Star Power”
09:30 My Bloody Valentine — “Don't Ask Why”
13:32 Swirlies — “Jeremy Parker”
17:46 Medicine — “Slut”
21:41 Curve — “Coast Is Clear”
25:44 Moonshake — “Gravity”
30:14 lovesliescrushing — “babysbreath”
34:06 Seefeel — “More Like Space”
42:51 The Third Eye Foundation — “Dreams On His Fingers”
48:39 Aarktica — “Elena”
53:03 Slowdive — “Slowdive”
58:20 Ride — “Polar Bear”
63:07 Bleach — “Seeing”
67:00 Amp — “Souvenir”
74:30 M83 — “Noise”