Mixed 7–8 June 2003 by sneJ

This was the first mix I made that was driven by theme and not by what was new at the time. I began with a 1 Mile North track that I'd been obsessively playing for weeks, and began tossing other pieces into the stew as they occurred to me.

So yes, there is a theme here, of chimes and trills and reverberation. It begins as guitar harmonics, and the plucked guitar string carries through, until Windy & Carl dissolve it into aether and lovesliescrushing exorcise it. After that the electronic oscillator takes over, entering as pure sound but accreting overtones and warmth.

A friend asked me "why is it called Shiver when it sounds so warm?", and that's because it's not about cold, it's about the shiver I get from a certain kind of scary beauty. And you too, I hope.

Shiver.m4a [36 MB] Cover art

Track listing:

00:00 1 Mile North — “Evil Architecture”
08:49 Pink Floyd — “The Narrow Way” [part 1]
11:40 Cocteau Twins, — “Feet-Like Fins” [edit]
13:24 Slowdive — “Miranda”
17:58 Aarktica — “These Days Fail To Bring Me Near”
22:38 yellow6 — “threefold”
29:52 American Music Club — “I'm In Heaven Now”
32:52 Labradford — “V”
38:18 Windy & Carl — “Kate” [edit]
45:04 lovesliescrushing — “moinaexquisitewallflower”
50:40 Schizophrenia — “Schizophrenia”
57:15 Double Muffled Dolphin — “Betaspin”
65:18 Biosphere — “The Seal And The Hydrophone”
70:42 Ulrich Schnauss — “Between Us And Them”